Lina and Luciano

Hi Rodrigo,

I want to thank you for everything you've done to help us through the crazy journey of moving!

Starting  with the purchase of our condo in February, you did an amazing job getting the price down to where we were comfortable. Then, you were quick to prepare our home for staging. After staging our place looked so good I couldn’t believe it was the same house! The pictures and the brochure you had done was fantastic.

When our home went on the market, COVID19 was getting worse and we were fearful that we wouldn’t sell the house or get price we wanted.  Through this you were amazingly calm, reassuring us not to worry.

In less than a week we got 4 offers. We watched you work your magic with each offer to get it to what we would accept and we sold. Through it all you recommended a lawyer, mover, and you offered to help in everything.  We are so greatful for all you did and would highly recommend you to everyone.

Rodrigo, at the end of our journey you not only sold our home, but you have become a good friend.

Best wishes on the start of your own company.


Luciano and Lina