Why you Should List your Home for Sale in Fall and Winter

If you're considering selling your home but think you need to wait until spring or summer to get the best results? Think again! Selling in fall and winter can have HUGE benefits to your home's overall curb appeal and the number of offers you receive.

So, if you want to sell quickly, find out why listing your home for sale this fall or winter may be your best option!

More offers

Everyone wants to list their homes in spring, which means that during the winter months there are much fewer homes available. This means that the homes that ARE available are going to get double, maybe even triple, the offers they would have got had they waited until the buyer’s market in spring. 

Winter buyers mean business 

Another pro to selling in the winter months is the quality of buyers. Everyone wants to get out as soon as spring arrives and the warmer weather comes in, which means you end up with a lot of "window shoppers" or people who want to book a tour or attend an open house out of curiosity. In the winter, you won't get as many of these, which means that anyone who reaches out to view your property will likely be a serious seller, looking to move with fewer contingencies.

Your curb appeal will be second to none 

In fall and winter, nature does a lot of the work for you. The leaves are falling, late-flowering plants are still blooming, and you can jazz up the front of your home with autumnal features, like pumpkins and seasonal wreaths, or Christmas decorations if you’re selling later into November or December. These touches add another dimension to your curb appeal that you wouldn’t usually get during the summer.

You can enjoy the warmer months

Selling a house takes a lot of work, we all know that. You'll likely need to paint, declutter, perhaps even hire a stager. This could take several weeks, maybe even months, depending on how much needs to be done. Why spend your whole spring and summer working on your house when you could get it done in the colder months and spend the following summer relaxed and in your new home? Also, if you move in fall or early winter you get to spend Christmas in your new home, bonus!


I hope you found this information helpful! If you have any questions about listing your home for sale, please feel free to reach out anytime by clicking here