Selling your Home in the GTA: How to Prep for a Viewing

One of the main things I've learned during my career as a real estate agent in the GTA is, first impressions count. Having cookies baking in the oven is not going to make up for the fact your front lawn hasn't been mowed in months, or your garage paint is cracking. If you're looking around your house and you're not sure which items need to be removed or where you need to do a few updates, that's where I come in. Using my industry experience, I've detailed the five main factors you should consider before holding your first viewing below! 

Get your front lawn in order. 

Your front exterior is the face of your house, so make it look nice. Think simple landscaping, a few well-placed flowers, or even adding lawn ornaments can make a huge difference. If the grass is looking a little bare, consider sodding. Sodding can be a bit pricey, but the price you pay now will reap big rewards when you sell for your asking price or higher! Also, take a look at any exterior window frames, shutters, or garage doors; if they're peeling or cracking, it may be worth hiring a professional to strip the old paint off and repaint. I know these things seem expensive, but trust the process. It works!


Decluttering is super easy and something you can do in a day or two. I recommend removing unnecessary furniture pieces, like an extra armchair, large decor items, tables, or desks. Think of what the buyer would like to see in the room. For example, if you're decluttering the living room, leave a small couch, coffee table, side tables, and a TV stand. 

Also, don't forget about personal stuff. Specifically, any collections and family photos on display. Too much of your personality doesn't allow potential buyers to "mentally move in." I know you love that photo of you and your kids at the beach, but it's got to go, for now! The same goes for degrees, awards and certificates. 

Update carpets and flooring

If your carpet and floors are outdated, or anything other than neutral colours or hardwood, change them. Light-coloured carpets, hardwood, or tiles are best for prospective buyers! Don't buy the cheapest type of flooring, either. If you're unsure about flooring quality, ask yourself: Would I be happy with this floor for the next ten years? If the answer is no, I recommend spending a little more to get great looking, high-quality flooring that will "WOW" any potential buyer coming to look at your home.

Clean until your home sparkles

Cleaning your home for viewings is so important! If you don't have time to do a super thorough job, hire a professional. Make sure to clean the windows inside and out, shine faucets in your bathrooms, and don't forget about the insides of kitchen appliances like fridges and ovens. No one wants to see five years of grease buildup in there! 

Lastly, let's talk about lighting!

If your viewing is during the day, have all your curtains and blinds open for as much natural light as possible. If your viewing is at night, close all the blinds, curtains and drapes, and add candlelight for an added dimension! The ambiance is key. 

Once you've set everything up, leave the house for the agent to show it. Buyers find it easier to look at a home without the distraction of the homeowner hovering around. They'll also feel more comfortable asking their agent questions and having open discussions about what they're looking for and how they feel about the home.


If you're thinking about selling your home or want to get some advice from a professional, I'm always happy to help! Get in touch with me today by clicking here