Money Saving Tips for Your Next Move

Moving is a stressful time for most. Having to pack up your entire life is overwhelming and not to mention exhausting. On top of having to pack up all your belongings, you have to worry about unpacking when you get to your new home. Paying for the moving van and/or movers after all your other costs, could definitely seem like icing on the cake! 

Moving is already stressful without having to worry about your finances on top of it. Let’s talk about some ways you can save money when moving:

  • Acquire as many free boxes as you can 
  • One of the worst parts of packing is finding out you don’t have enough boxes. Prepare ahead of time! Visit your local grocery and liquor stores and see if they have any boxes they are no longer using. 

  • Shop around
  • If you are considering hiring a moving company, shop around to different companies in your area and get more than one quote! Ensure you are getting the best price for your situation and that you trust the company you’re hiring. After all, they’re helping you move your entire life!

  • Recruit your friends! 
  • Now we know what you’re thinking, your friends may not jump at the chance to help you move right off the bat. Try bribing them with good food and promise you will help them with their next move! You may even get some great stories out of the experience. What are friends for, right?

  • Declutter
  • Let’s be honest with ourselves, are you REALLY going to read all those books again? Probably not. While it is tempting to keep all our old knick-knacks and odds and ends, donating or rehoming some of your old stuff will give you less to pack. Saving you more time and money in the long run! Plus, you make room for newer and exciting things! Don’t bring old clutter into your new home. Now is a great time to start fresh!  

    Did we miss a really great tip? Are you looking for more information about how you can make moving easier? Contact us here – we’d love to chat with you about how to save money when moving!