How to Decide Where to Start Your Renovations

DIY home renovation

So many homeowners have been inspired during lockdown to renovate or take on DIY projects around the home. Before spending thousands of dollars on upgrades, you'll only enjoy temporarily, consider who will be admiring the fresh kitchen backsplash. Will it be you or new owners by this time next year? 

We don't always have a crystal ball, but if moving has crossed your mind, here are three things to focus on.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

Unless this renovation is for your forever home, there is no need to get the best of the best in terms of materials. A luxury kitchen remodel has a return on investment (ROI) of less than 60 percent, while a mid-range minor kitchen redo can return about 80 percent. 

Bathroom remodels have an even smaller expense ratio. The return averages 62 percent for upscale renovations, and about 67 percent for mid-level remodels.

With that in mind, if moving is on your radar, consider the minor cost-effective solutions. Like upgrading the lighting and hardware. You don't always need new kitchen cabinets; sometimes, just the handles will do! The bathroom could likely use some TLC. Consider making these updates for the best sale price or your own enjoyment: 

  • Re-caulking the tub.
  • Changing the showerhead.
  • Replacing the faucet.


You can't go wrong with a fresh coat of paint! Well, you can if you choose lime green for your kitchen walls. You want to appeal to all buyers, so keep it as neutral as possible. Any room can have a welcoming feel with a modern paint touch-up. Some popular and safe options could be: 

  • Grey
  • White
  • Beige
  • Charcoal
  • Light blue

 Even if the potential home buyer hates the colour white, it is the easiest colour to paint over, so it’s a win-win. Avoid anything “trendy,” like wallpaper, if you think the for sale sign might be up within the following year. That way, you don’t have to do the work twice - once for you to enjoy and once for updating to get the best sale price. 

Assess Your First Impression - Curb Appeal

Whether you have a driveway or live in a condo, curb appeal counts! This could be as simple as setting up colourful flowers outside. Your front door is the one place we’ll encourage you to get creative. A brightly painted door will stand out and make it memorable! Take it to the next level by swapping out your doorknob for contemporary hardware. 

If you’re having a tough time deciding whether or not moving is part of your future and that’s affecting your renovation plans, please reach out to me here. I would love to provide any valuable information I can to help with your decision-making. 



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